Wireless SecurityClinical Mobility sets a new bar with wireless security. Our company founders have been recognized as deploying the most secure networks in healthcare. Security is multi-faceted. We move beyond advanced levels of authentication and encryption by testing each and every device in detail to ensure they implement security protocols properly. When we uncover a security vulnerability in devices, we work the manufacturers so you don’t have to before it presents a risk at your hospital. We’ve been doing this for years and everyone wins.

Many believe that security degrades performance. We refuse to believe that. The capabilities exist to incorporate the highest levels of security while still maintaining high performance (IEEE 802.11r/k). Non-scalable types of security designed for home environments (WPA2 Personal) simply do not cut it in enterprise healthcare settings. It’s a shortcut that far too many take, but that isn’t in our DNA. Our very own healthcare experience proves 100% WPA2 Enterprise grade security is possible.

Added Infrastructure Capability

While great strides are achieved with WPA2 Enterprise level security, we give the option to take it a step further. If a policy-based access solution, such as Cisco ISE is desired, we offer this upgrade as well. Currently, this is the highest level of wireless and network security available on the open market today providing per-connection level security profiling specifically catered to the user, device, application, location, time of day and more. Because we profile each device individually, we build or validate device profiles into our certified design specifications.

Security requires a system approach¬†–¬†infrastructure, clients and policy.Shawn Jackman