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Clinical Mobility offers several engage options. Most customers start with a simple and straight-forward Readiness Assessment. From there, we develop a plan that’s customized for your organization.

Option 1: Assessment

Recommended starting point for accelerating your mobility initiatives. In a one-week engagement, Clinical Mobility will provide you key analysis that identifies your path to success according to three critical areas:

  • Infrastructure – We will assess your current deployment or plans according to best practices and our known, successful design standard.
  • Endpoint devices – Clinical Mobility is the only company who specializes in wireless endpoint devices. We will assess critical design factors that affect how devices will perform. Even on the best networks, you can still have problems with endpoint design and configurations that affect reliability and performance to clinicians.
  • Wireless security – No design is complete without properly addressing wireless security. We make sure all aspects of wireless security are incorporated into your device and infrastructure deployments. This assess authentication, encryption and key infrastructure design components.

This option is the best place in order to determine if there are gaps or where attention needs to be applied. If you’re about to deploy smartphones, we highly recommend this option.

Option 2: Optimization

Is your infrastructure ready for the high demands of mobile devices and application? Do you have challenges with smartphones or clinical devices? Do you have gaps in wireless security or goals to improve it?

Clinical Mobility utilizes proprietary processes and tools that have been developed over years of industry specific knowledge. Clinical Mobility will optimize your infrastructure, improve devices on the network with a focus on reliability and security.  Our engineers perform deeper system audits and design changes using prescribed equipment, devices and implementation requirements. We use scientific methods to make decisions on AP placement and equipment configurations that enable a successful deployment. This option is your best choice to address:

  • Infrastructure – This includes all aspects of infrastructure design including radio frequency (RF) design and AP placements, configuration, software/firmware versions, key system integrations and more all according to vendor best practices and Clinical Mobility’s experience.
  • Endpoint devices – We take what you have and make it work. This involves optimizing each device type and improving device performance on an optimized network. Even the best networks will not meet user requirements unless devices work properly.
  • Wireless security – We perform a deeper analysis of your existing deployment to address gaps and improve your overall wireless security. This can involve developing and implementing a new design, adding security features, and offering you a full public key infrastructure (PKI) using digital certificates.

Option 3: Lifecycle Management

Clinical Mobility offers a fully tested, end-to-end design standard for healthcare deliver organizations. We keep the standard up to date with the latest releases and patches and offer this as a lifecycle management solution freeing your team up from the rigorous and time-consuming testing required to avoid painful project delays and downtime.

Our offering includes:

  • Wireless Architecture and Design
  • Technology Planning
  • Wireless Spectrum Management
  • Security Improvements and Patches
  • Wireless Client Device Solutions
  • Wireless Client Driver and Software Updates
  • Advanced Capabilities – Features like RTLS, voice/video, guest access
  • Tools – Visibility and operational assistance
  • IoT Ready – Designed to support high device quantities
  • Risk Management – We’re like an insurance policy because we’re constantly keeping up with risks and ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Annual Onsite Validation – Once a year we will visit your site to validate everything is working as originally designed.
  • Escalation Support – We stand behind our work. Should a problem exist that we didn’t catch, we will make sure it gets resolved.

Upgrade Any Time

Being a Clinical Mobility customer allows you access to new tested designs immediately upon release.

Option 4: Clinical Communication Strategy

Adopting a new clinical communications solution for voice, video, alerts and alarms substantially impacts clinical workflow. Challenges with clinical communications projects become extremely political and visible to the highest ranks in the organization.

Rely on a trusted partner who has performed clinical communication roll-outs across many organizations to help you avoid the common pitfalls and frustrations many organizations have experienced. Let Clinical Mobility be your trusted advisor for your clinical communication project.

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