Prevention costs less than treatment. We all know this. Clinical Mobility’s lab testing is designed to discover problems before you experience them.

Healthcare delivery organizations are frustrated with devices and applications that do not meet expectations. Device vendors are frustrated with customers who have inadequate infrastructure. Even well designed networks often still experience problems. It turns out that every healthcare organization’s network varies significantly – details matter. Device vendors effectively have an infinitely variable baseline to develop and test their devices to. In a clinical context, this results in significant risk to patient safety.

Business Model

Testing is in our DNA

Clinical Mobility develops and maintains an infrastructure design standard that has been designed to every industry best practice while incorporating every compliance requirement possible including HIPAA and PCI. Only until you have a solid baseline to test against can you certify devices to. Our device certifications find the best possible combinations to achieve our reliability and safety goals. These combinations change as infrastructure designs evolve and device manufacturers issue updates.

Clinical Mobility’s Certification is the wireless industry’s first seal of reliability and safety while maintaining the highest levels of security.

Focused on market demand. Currently, our design standard is based on Cisco wireless and security infrastructure. We are working on other infrastructure vendors and we would like to hear from you.