About Us

We believe wireless will be how everything connects. We also believe it enables new capabilities that were previously thought unimaginable.

The problem is that making this happen is far more complex than most realize. Every single piece of information sent and received relies on this mysterious and complex phenomenon we know as radio frequency (RF). Making a simple network work is easy, but connecting thousands…tens of thousands of devices wirelessly to the same network, securely, enabling new capabilities all with a great user experience is incredibly challenging.

We have dedicated our professional careers to wireless and enabling this future. Collectively we have 50+ years of wireless experience between us and we have worked for product manufacturers, integrators and as large hospital customers deploying wireless at massive scale. We have implemented many tens of thousand access points that have supported hundreds of thousands of devices. All of this with the most advanced levels of security available. We know how to do this. In fact, we’ve written the book on it.

Certified Wireless Security Professional Study Guide Certified Wireless Design Professional - Industry's first vendor neutral wireless design book

You can say that we have a passion for wireless. We would agree with you.

Now, we are applying this to healthcare. Healthcare is widely considered the most demanding and important industry vertical for wireless. We’re not going to rest until we improve it’s reliability and safety.